Shelby Drops the Roof, Piles on the Paint

Shelby American announced last week that it will build a limited number of GT350 convertibles — a first since 1970 — and that it will offer GT350s in two new colors, Race Red and Kona Blue; both with white LeMans stripes. Production of the 2011-2012 GT350s intentionally mirrors the way production of the original G.T.350 […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 Mercury Capri

Correct, Mercury never built a droptop Fox-body Capri. One may consider the ASC/McLaren as the exception to that statement, but this 1980 Mercury Capri two-seater convertible is no ASC/McLaren. Some backyard engineering job, then? A product of some overzealous enthusiast with a Sawzall and a welder? Not quite, according to the seller: This one of […]