Hemmings Find of the Day – 1967 El Camino

Who doesn’t have a recurring daydream fantasy of selling the house and everything in it, ditching the day job and heading out West to pursue a bohemian lifestyle in Arizona or New Mexico or some place full of desert and open skies? I have to wonder if certain towns in the Southwest are made up […]

Just stay in front of it

Hard to believe, but 2011 will mark 40 years since the guy who’s never seen, inside the cab of the oil-blackened Peterbilt 351 tanker, tried to murder Dennis Weaver during a harrowing chase through Soledad Canyon in California. The pursuit was the entire plot of Duel, the ABC Movie of the Week made for TV […]


At last week’s cruise-in, I spotted this bike from Minnesota parked among several other bikes. I never caught up with the owner, and nobody around the bike seemed to know him. Whoever you are, lone Minnesota biker, safe travels.