190 Mercedes pedal car, 190SL pedal car, Ferbedo, German carousel car

This picture is of three Mercedes Benz cars. The car on the far left, acquired by Ron Sturgeon in 1990, was made in France in the early 1950s. This beautiful 190 Mercedes pedal car was restored. The French manufacturer is unknown to us. The blue Mercedes Benz 190SL pedal car in the middle was made by Ferbedo and is in excellent, original condition. A very rare pedal car. The red Mercedes Benz 190SL on the far right is a German-made carousel car. Restored in 1994 by John Hadduck, Sr., it is mostly made from wood.

Mercedes 190 SL

Early brochure/catalog from the manufacturer of carousels, with the Mercedes 300SL pictured, as now restored in the DFW Elite Toy Museum.

Mercedes 190 SL.


  1. Dear,

    The red Mercedes (right) is most probably manufactured by Hennecke, thats indeed German! I’ve got the same one. If you could send me some pictures from the side, I should be able to confirm it.

    Also take a look at this page: It’s in Flemish, but nice pics!!!


  2. I’m sorry, I just saw that the authentic brochure is just underneath. Nice car, I’ve got just the same one!

    On the links I’ve send, you will spot some Henneckes too! 🙂

  3. Hi
    I have a candy apple red wood M
    Mercedes from a carousel, was wondering what the value might be. is in pretty good shape..has a wind shield, is also a leather bench seat ..lights
    thank you

  4. Hi, as an expert in this area, I would like to pick your brain if I may.
    Just wondering what the value might be for the Red Benz in the picture
    The picture with the 3 Benz side by side and it is on the far right.
    Also would this car be 1950s 60s.

    Thank You
    In Appreciation

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