Documents and stories about driving school models:

Many of the items on display are from European Driver’s Schools. Early driving schools in Europe taught car owners and/or chauffeurs how to work on their automobiles, as well as how to drive them. This was originally accomplished on actual vehicles, even though it was messy, uncomfortable and less than ideal. In the late 1930s, Emil Hohm, an Opel dealer in Germany, developed the first instructional models which could clearly demonstrate the function of the motor vehicle. The German military made extensive use of instruction models during World War II.

In the post-war era, driving schools flourished in Europe and the functioning instruction model became part of the basic curriculum. Some of these models were complete frames with all of the attendant systems while others were of specific systems.

The Hohm Company built approximately 1,000 of the complete frames and system instruction models after the war. The engines could be turned over (some with the engine hand cranks), driving a 3-speed plus reverse transmission through a functioning clutch. This drove the rear wheels through a fully operational differential. Both the foot and hand brakes were functional, as were the steering, suspension, and lights. Four-wheel drive models were constructed, as well as more common two-wheel drive versions. Trailers with surge brakes were another item often modeled.

These instruction models have little use in modern driver’s schools and have turned into rare and valuable collectors items.

Werner Degener

Werner Degener

Werner Degener

This large half-scale driving school model was made in Germany in the 1950s by Werner Degener. It is very rare, and fully operational. Originally built with 220-volt power, we have converted it to run on 110 volt. This model features a 4-4cylinder engine with a cutaway that clearly demonstrates the functions of the motor as well as the transmission, clutch, rear end, etc. All of the car’s lights work, including high and low beams, brake lights, and turn signals. Ron Sturgeon added this wonderful model to his collection in 2003.

This driving school model is an excellent example of a German-made, four piece cut away training model from the 1950s. Cleverly designed, the motor snaps to the clutch, which snaps to the transmission back to the rear end. It is powered by a 220-volt electric motor. Ron Sturgeon acquired this very rare replica for his collection in 2005.

VVR electric

Pictured here is a showcase full of different model toys, including motorcycles, scooters, cars and trucks of all makes. The model on the top of the showcase is a 1950s VVR electric German-made driving school model. Above on the wall are two other driving school models; one features a motor with moving piston and valves, and the larger one shows how an air brake system functions and was used for the training of truck drivers.

hohm driving school models

Shown here are two display cases with eight Hohm driving school models from the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, all made in Germany. Each of these delightful demonstration models is 220-volt powered. They form part of an acquisition made by Ron Sturgeon in 2003.

VVR driving school, air brake system

In this showcase are many different toys. Two VVR driving school models sit on top. On the wall behind is a large air brake system demonstration model which shows how an air brake system functions; it was used for truck driver training.

German VVR driving school model

One of the Toy Museum’s many German-made VVR driving school models from the 1950s is pictured. No two are alike.

An early 19th century driving school

An early 19th century driving school

An early 19th century driving school

An early 19th century driving school.


  1. hi, please pardon my intrusion.

    i had a chance to purchase a car like the one in the top of your display cabinet on this page 7th picture down from the top, on the right hand side. it did not have the base, i was wondering what might be a fair price, for such an item, and of course, are any of yours for sale?

    thanks for your time,

    warmest regards

    barry stritton.

  2. I have a car like the one in picture #7 on the bottom right, along with an engine, steering column w/tires, 1- 2 stroke engine cut away, 2- 4 stroke engine cut aways, 1- zweitakt engine cut away, 2- 3 gear cut aways? and 1- NSU Wankel motor. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to purchase the whole lot. Iv’e had them put away since I bought back in 1998. the car and engine on stands work as I have plugged them in. I can’t find any pricing for anything except the car itself. Any help would be appreciated. The plate reads H-D 73 and any tags read: sold exclusivly by Brodhead -Garrett Co. cleveland, ohio.

  3. i can you offer a lot of modells VVR ( Höhm ), you can call me

    Germany 0228 96 110 433

    Bonn- Bad Godesberg

  4. tengo un demostration model four stroke engine quisiera saber de un buen comprador para este modelo es aleman de la marca hohm

  5. Ho I had seen a four cylinder engine cut in such a way that would show you the inside running of the engine. It’s was covered with clear perspex to avoid oil leaks. Being powered by a slow electrical motor. It purpose was to teach the common people how it all works. I was wondering if have something of that sort or would know anyone who does.. Regard tal

  6. My school has a Hohm modello in the woodshop, I talked to my shop teacher and he said that he knows nothing relateing to the model. Iam interested in restoreing it because it is broken. If there is any information available please help me.

  7. Posseggo il modello scuola guida, che appare nelle foto 5 e 8, Cm 90 x 40. Se a qualcuno interessa, sono disposto a venderlo. Giuseppe

  8. SONO IN POSSESSO DI UN MODELLO ” SCUOLA GUIDA” MARCA ” WERNER DEGENER” TEDESCO DEL 1950. Tu ne possiedi uno uguale ?, quale prezzo potrebbe avere? Ciao Giuseppe(Italy)

  9. Complimenti, ho avuto una scuola guida per oltre 60 anni, ma non ho mai avuto questi bellissimi modelli. In italia, si segavano i vecchi telai con i motori, e questi erano i nostri modelli didattici. Complimenti, sono molto belli, e fare una collezione di questi modelli, è meraviglioso.
    Giuseppe (Italy)

  10. Hello. I have the VVr 165 driving school model in very good condition. I like to sell it, please let me know how can have interst in that . Thank you. Tal Secemsky – Israel 972-50-9923456

  11. i have a cut away car. it has a red frt of a nose that has hohm on a plate in the center of the nose. and in the center of the bumper is H D-6 2. . every thing is there even the 220 adaptor. i am trying to find what year it was built ,then i can find out if it is a salabel item. the papers that i have say degener on them. i e mailed them but they never got back to m. thanks for any help you can give me…….thanks again….ray.. c #732 581 7170 anytime day or night

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