My favorite model has to be the Porsche 914, 1/4 scale model. I’ve been a fan of the 914’s forever and used to race one. My wife still owns one which she races occasionally. I can’t imagine how anyone could spend so much time on a model, it’s that incredible. I believe it has more details and working features than anything else in the toy museum. I will concede that it’s unfortunate the builder didn’t choose a Porsche 911, or a famous Ferrari. If they had, the model would have been priceless.



  1. Attention: Museum!!! I have in MINT CONDITION vintage BMW Isettas with original box from Revell Germany die cast model. I would more than happy to bring this model over to HaltonCity museum to show it to you. If there is interest in procurring this model for your museum….we can talk about it after you see the condition of this model!!!!

    Lenny Rosenberg
    3969 Legacy Trail
    Carrollton, TX 75010-6348
    Phone 972 939-4649

  2. Lenny, I hope you are not disappointed but this BMW is not very special. Regular price is somewhere between $10 – $15.

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