Having a rare Harley DAH is pretty neat, but how about three?

Harley-Davidson was sick of getting their hill-climbing butts kicked by Excelsior Super-X and Indian 45s in the late Twenties. The AMA had established a 45-cubic-inch class for hill climbers in 1927, and both of those competitors immediately started producing winning bikes for that category, while Harley chose to compete with bikes using their underpowered 30-1/2-cubic-inch […]

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1939 Fiat NSU Roadster

It’s nearly impossible to think of two cars with as little in common as Fiat’s pre-war people-mover, the 500 “Topolino,” and that sumptuous, 21st-century chariot of the uber-rich, Maybach’s 57S. And yet, there is a link: Each was the basis of a limited-production variant produced by the German coachbuilder Weinsberg. Strictly speaking, what lies beneath […]

Ford unveils two new factory-built racers

Those who lament the passing of the “good ol’ days” of factory involvement in high performance should be taking note of the things going on in the industry during the past few years, particularly in Dearborn. Ford Motor Company has a long and storied history of racing involvement, but some of the programs to emerge […]