When you think of vehicles originating in the Czech Republic, or former Czechoslovakia, you probably think of Škoda. But if Škoda isn’t esoteric enough for you, you may recall the fabric-bodied Velorex three-wheeler.

From the “Strange But True” files comes news of the rebirth of the Velorex. While original Velorexes were never imported to the U.S., some have made their way here, like the example in the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia. The Velorex name is still related to motorcycles, as a line of sidecars is still available in America.

Called the Velor-X-Trike, the new model celebrates 60 years since the original Velorex appeared. This new model is the brainchild of  Pavel Brida, who owns an original, and thought it would be fun to create a modern version for today’s lifestyle and safety needs.

This model recalls the original trike, which was based on the Czech Jawa motorcyle. It features a similarly shaped body, here constructed in fiberglass instead of leathercloth over a tube frame, and each example will be custom-built, with differing measurements to suit each owner, and the choice of motorcycle components. The Velor-X-Trike will be limited to 60 examples, in honor of the Velorex’s 60th anniversary. The unveiling of the Velor-X-Trike  at the Motosalon in Brno, Czech Republic, this past March was highlighted by the attendance of the original Velorex’s designer, Mojmir Stransky, who autographed the new model’s front fender.

You can watch videos of the Velor-X-Trike, as well as see how the vehicle was developed, on the website.