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Haltom City, TX –June 16, 2022– When reorganizing your home, planning a big move, or sorting items for an estate sale, you might come across a vintage toy that once gave you or a member of your family so much joy but now sits dusty, under-appreciated, and unseen. Rather than selling or giving it away, ask yourself “Does it belong in a museum?”  If it has historical significance or is something that would be of particular interest to the public, the answer to your question might very well be a resounding yes.


The DFW Elite Toy Museum, currently listed in the DFW guidebook entitled 100 Things to Do in DFW Before You Die, specializes in the display of automobile memorabilia and rare toys and art from the Victorian period to the turn of the century and beyond.  If you find yourself considering donation of a rare or vintage toy or a notable piece of automobile memorabilia, the DFW Elite Toy Museum might be the right choice for you.


For centuries, museums have served to preserve the past and foster a shared sense of community.  They engage, entertain, educate, and inspire those who walk through their doors. The donation of noteworthy items for display significantly enhances their ability to accomplish each of these goals.


But why donate rather than sell?  First and foremost, there is an inherent sense of pride and generosity that comes with donating to a museum.  Additionally, donors benefit financially by taking income tax deductions based on full fair market value of an object and/or avoidance of estate, capital gains or gift taxes. In some cases, creation of a lasting Donor legacy occurs as well.


DFW Elite Toy Museum was featured on American Pickers, the episode featured Ron and the museum aired Monday, June 14, 2021, on The History Channel, Season 22, Episode 13, titled The Fort Knox of Toys. Hulu + Life TV subscribers can access all episodes of the show.


When featured on FOX 4 in 2015, the DFW Elite Toy Museum was described as a “quirky place filled with rare and antique treasures” and reported to be a Lone Star Adventure destination that was “well worth the effort” of a visit.  So if you’re thinking about donating an item to a museum, reach out to the DFW Elite Toy Museum by phone at (817) 843-3625 or online at — the contact should be “well worth the effort” as well.



About DFW Elite Toy Museum

DFW Elite Toy Museum is a free museum open to the public located at 5940 Eden Drive in Haltom City, TX. The museum includes more than 3000 pieces collected by serial entrepreneur and real estate developer Ron Sturgeon. To learn more, visit the dog-friendly toy museum’s website at, follow the toy museum’s Facebook page or give the toy museum a call at 817-834-3625.