The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles will open a brand-new display of vintage scooters next Saturday, proving that you don’t need a big machine to make a big splash.

It will be running concurrently with the supercar collection at the Petersen that opened in March; however, the scooter exhibit is slated to remain until on display through 2012. More than 90 scooters will be on display, from clip-on engine packages that attached to bicycles, to Vespa scooters and Cushman minibikes. Not exactly two-wheelers you would want to ride to Sturgis, but ultra-cool nonetheless, and functional in their day. Scooters have seen a great resurgence recently as gas prices started escalating and people sought out greener alternative transportation. Consequently, old scooters have been getting harder to find in restorable condition.

1955 Sears Allstate

In honor of the concurrent displays, the Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting Scooters and Supercars Day on July 9. The highlight of the day will be a supercar and scooter show where the public is invited to bring their own scooters and supercars. Special guest Steve Saleen will be on hand at the museum that day to speak about his racing days and his manufacturing business. Technical how-to sessions on detailing will also be conducted by Griot’s Garage. For more information, check with the Petersen Museum website at

1962 Fuji Rabbit