In our best recollections, we’ve never seen a modified Kaiser Darrin, and we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen an abused and neglected Kaiser Darrin. For anybody looking to purchase one, then, you’re more likely than not to find one that won’t need much work to become presentable at shows. However, you’re not as likely to find one that’s been restored to the level of this 1954 Kaiser Darrin for sale on From the seller’s description:

1954 Kaiser Darrin “161″, serial number 412 out of the 435 that were built. Color is the original pine tint green with pine tint green interior and pine tint green convertible top. The Darrin was originally sold in San Diego, CA, spent over 27 years in Portland in storage and is now back to the San Diego area where a 3 year, nut & bolt, body-off restoration has just been completed. This Darrin was running and complete when the restoration began in 2007. Engine was rebuilt with standard components (74,250 original miles); new front windshield, convertible top material and interior material all from the KFOCI Manufacturing Fund. Period correct wire harness from Rhode Island Wiring and period correct bias ply tires from Coker. All parts on the Darrin have been rebuilt, repaired, repainted and/or replated. This Darrin has the original wire wheel hubcaps (an additional complete set of 4 wire hubcaps will be included with the sale). Original sales materials include the owner’s manual, warranty registration booklet, parts manual, spec manual and the Darrin Pine Tint Green USPS postage stamp issued to honor this great car. The Darrin is currently on loan and displayed at a prestigious auto museum in Orange County, CA.


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UPDATE: Of course, just as soon as we went to press with this post, a classified ad for a project-condition Kaiser Darrin came through on, contradicting our statement that led off this post.