From the high plains desk of our satellite office comes this perfectly aged 1948 Studebaker M5 pickup. A comic tragedy of the traditional hot rod phenomenon is when a new fabrication is faked up to look used. While this practice is fine for actual-size movie set versions of the Millennium Falcon, it simply doesn’t add up in the context of a scene that claims to be, well, traditional. The well-worn Studebaker shown here possesses a patina of creases, rust, and crooked grille bits that could only be achieved by years of faithful use, occasional mishaps, or blasting through the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. No suede, pinstripes, phony block aged lettering, or anything other an operational drivetrain and maybe some glass would be required to make this truck a near-perfect traditional hot rod. Bonus transmission parts, some baling wire, and an extra length of pipe are apparently included at no extra charge!

1948 Studebaker M-5 little Halfton shortbox. North Dakota pickup been sitting for years! Solid truck that needs complete restore or Streetrod! I also have other M-5′s and and excellent M-15 one-ton pickup.


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1948 Studebaker M-5 little Halfton shortbox.  North Dakota pickup been sitting for years !  Solid truck that needs complete restore or Streetrod !   I also have other M-5′s and and excellent M-15 one ton pickup.