Our friend Geoff Hacker has been living it up in the Los Angeles area the last few days, in part to help celebrate Fiberglass Day at the Petersen Automotive Museum, an event that Geoff helped plan to showcase what creative gearheads were doing with fiberglass in the 1950s and 1960s. Though Fiberglass Day has passed, the Fantasies in Fiberglass special exhibit will remain at the Petersen through October 3 and the Introduction to Fiberglass Fabrication workshop will take place at the Petersen next month. Geoff writes:

I had a chance to visit the Friday night show at Big Boys on Riverside in  Toluca Lake, California. This has been running for 20+ years (I’m told) and the big boy has been there since the 1950’s. You might recognized Merrill Powell from Victress standing next to  the Big Boy figure. Victress actually did the original Big Boy back in the  late  1950’s for the Toluca Lake location – and about 5 others. He said that the current figure is different from  the original Victress did. Maybe you have a Hemmings reader who  knows the history of  the Big Boy figurines. (Merrill told me the work was done for a contractor who worked directly for the Big Boy Chain. Victress also did the  Olympic Rings for Squaw Valley Winter Olympics, the Jantzen diving girl which was a staple sign in Los Angeles  for  many years.

I then visited my friend Erich Schultz and two of his Victress  cars (S1A and S5) were recently found and acquired. One of about 30 S1A’s known to exist and the blue car is  one of two S5 Victress cars – the only known vintage example.

I only had a chance to take pictures of a few cars at the Fiberglass Day Show at the Petersen Museum. These are not representative of  the cars at the show, but you’ll see the recently discovered LeMans Coupe body.

Merrill Powell of Victress with the Riverside Big Boy
Merrill and Erich discuss Victresses
Erich Schultz's two Victresses
1952 Woodill Wildfire at the Petersen
1961 Covington Tiburon with a Trident three-wheeler at the Petersen
1946 Stout Project Y at the Petersen
Crosley-based 1951 Skorpion at the Petersen
1954 Bangert-Manning displayed above an unfinished chassis at the Petersen
1958 Devin SS at the Petersen
1952 Maverick Sportster at the Petersen
1979 Pegaso and 1974 Dale at the Petersen
1947 Cisitalia 202 Coupe (left) and 1952 Atlas Coupe at the Petersen
LeMans Coupe body