Hot Rod artist Dwayne Vance returns to print with the second volume of his Masters of Chicken Scratch series of books, a compilation of works from various artists of the genre.

Just a couple of years ago, automotive designer and general gearhead Dwayne Vance assembled a collection of hot-rod-themed works from a group of like-minded artists, mixed in some of his own pieces, and bound it all together to create The Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of Chicken Scratch. The hardcover edition included a variety of automotive-inspired images, from basic sketches to highly detailed, full-color works, but the edge that this book offers over typical art compilations is the insight into the making of the art. For some contributors, this is about their backgrounds and career paths, but for others – like Vance himself – there are some detailed descriptions of techniques; in fact, Vance even included a CD inside the book with actual tutorials on drawing cars.

Now Vance has released the second in the Masters of Chicken Scratch series, featuring a new batch of hot rod artists and a new, larger format. Some of the highlighted artists include Tom Fritz, Larry Erickson, Jeff Norwell and Tavis Highlander, among others; Max Grundy is among the artists making a second appearance in the Chicken Scratch series. Volume 2 also includes more tutorial material – an hour and a half of it – on another enclosed CD.

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This sample page is taken from the second volume of Masters of Chicken Scratch to give an idea of Vance’s approach to demonstrating his process; much more detail is provided on the included CD.