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Is it any wonder who owns the museum?

The DFW Elite Toy Museum is owned by Ron Sturgeon.

Along the automotive road to success, Ron has twice been featured in INC. Magazine and, more recently, was profiled in Millionaire Blueprints. A small business consultant, Sturgeon founded and built several large automotive businesses, including a chain of auto recycling centers bought by Ford Motor Company in 1999, and an auto auction sold to the largest public company in the segment.

During Mr. Sturgeon’s career, he collected a significant number of exotic and classic cars that now serve as the foundation for DFW Elite Car He also amassed a large collection of automotive toys, a number of which are on display at his Fort Worth offices. Sturgeon is well known in the automotive, banking, and real estate circles of North Texas. He is a renowned small business consultant and speaker, and has served as the keynote speaker for many business associations.

But . . .

Ron is also a dog-lover!

If you paid a visit to Ron’s home, it would quickly become apparent how much Ron loves dogs.  So much so, in fact, that once the Toys Museum was a reality, it was only natural that there would be a section of rare toys and collectibles dedicated to dogs. That section of the museum includes the following:

  • Antique Traveling Animal Crate
  • Hudson’s Soap Dog Drinking Trough
  • Antique Toy Dogs
  • Black Forest Hand Carved Dog
  • Black Forest Hand Carved Dog Holding A Clock
  • Snappy the Miracle Dog
  • Komikal Kop
  • I. Joe and the K-9 Pups
  • Store Window Tapper by J.H. and P.R. Potter of Oakland, CA

Is the museum dog-friendly?

Anyone who knows Ron Sturgeon just naturally assumes that any enterprise of his, like the Fort Worth Design District, will be dog-friendly, and the DFW Elite Toy Museum is no exception.  Canines are always welcome, and the museum curators will go out of their way to make your pup feel welcomed and pampered, as they should be.

Who would enjoy the museum?

Any lover of history will be in heaven while walking through the museum.  Any collector of fine art will be in heaven, any car collector or car lover will be in heaven, and most certainly anyone who loves man’s best friend will feel like they walked through the pearly gates when they stroll through the museum.

Admission is free

The museum is open 9-5 weekdays, most Saturdays, and by appointment.

Yes, the museum is free.  Ron Sturgeon does not believe that history should be paid for.  It was already paid for by the people who lived it.  Collectibles, the physical representation of that history, should never be priced for viewing.

So, what are you doing next week?  Why don’t you gather the family, call up a friend, set a date, and spend a few hours walking through the DFW Elite Toy Museum.  We guarantee you’ll find something here that interests you, and your dogs will enjoy going on a road trip with you.