BlogBring the whole family to the DFW Elite Toy Museum

If you have never visited the DFW Elite Toy Museum, we want to ask you one question: WHY NOT!

The DFW Elite Toy Museum is truly a museum for kids of all ages.  Write down this phone number . . . (817) 834-3625 . . . and this address . . . 5940 Eden Drive in Fort Worth . . . and plan a family outing sooner rather than later.  Pack up the kids, pack up the spouse, and set aside a couple hours for sheer pleasure and enjoyment.

What will you find at the DFW Elite Toy Museum?

You will find rare toys.  You will find rare construction equipment toys.  You will find one of the largest private collections of rare car toys in the United States.  You will find one of the largest private collections of dog toys and dog paintings and dog collectibles in the United States.

What about those rare car toys?

Hundreds of antique car toys can be found at the DFW Elite Toy Museum, including Eva Braun Mercedes, an articulated bus toy, rare motorcycles,  and Tippco wwii models.  The owner of the DFW Elite Toy Museum, Ron Sturgeon, was once an antique car collector, but after a few years he realized that antique car toys were easier to store and appreciated in price just as real cars do . . . so he switched to collecting antique car toys and opened a museum so anyone interested in car toys could share in his collection.

What about those dog toys and paintings?

And then there are the dogs?  Who in the world would want to collect toys about dogs?  The same man as a matter of fact, Ron Sturgeon, a man who absolutely loves all dogs and in particular his spectacular Spaniels, dogs which have their own webpage and who have starred in their own videos.  Animal lovers of all ages will enjoy this beautiful collection of all things related to dogs.  The owner of the museum, Ron Sturgeon, is a dog lover, and his passion shows in this magnificent collection.

What about exhibitions?

Yes there are exhibitions. Check these out from the past:

  • Malcolm Forbes Collection
  • Malcolm Forbes Ship Gallery
  • Jeron Race Car Models
  • Ship Gallery
  • Salesman Sample and Patent Collection

Check the website for continual updates on upcoming collections.

Would you like to make a donation?

Give the gift of giving and become one of our sponsors. Donate to our toy museum to help continue sharing our collection with everyone. We hope you enjoy our toy museum just as much as we do, and we take every donation with great thanks. We will continue to educate and entertain everyone who visits.

If you would like to make a donation or have questions, feel free to Contact us at your convenience.

The support you give us helps us preserve our historical antique toy collection for all to enjoy for generations to come.

About the owner

Ron Sturgeon is a well-known entrepreneur in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, a man who needs no introduction in the business world or the world of the Arts.  Numerous articles have been written about his rags-to-riches rise to fame in Fort Worth.