By the time 2011 is flipped off the calendar, the Marmon Wasp that won the first Indianapolis 500 will justly be one of its storied images. There’s the race centennial, and the U.S. Postal Service put the car’s image on a stamp. Then there’s this re-creation of the car, done in 1/8 scale, by race car restorer John Snowberger of Fraser, Michigan.

John loves this race, and has stronger familial ties to its history, than virtually anyone we know. His father, Russell, was one of the Speedway’s great standouts during the production-formula era of the 1930s. He’s restored several actual Indy cars, the latest now under way being his father’s Federal Engineering Special from 1959 – yes, Russ did last that long.

As to the replica, it’s huge, which explains why just 11 are being made. You can see John below forming it from .063 sheet aluminum, which will ride on its hand-cut steel channel chassis. The disc wheels have locking lugs and hubs. Each is $3,950, available for pre-order at 586-978-1143 or by visiting