Unless you’ve been in trouble with the IRS in Austin, there’s no reason the name Mary B. Justice should mean anything to you. But with a name like that, how can I not put it in the headline? The IRS part comes in with Mary Beth Justice’s title, Property Appraisal and Liquidation Specialist for the IRS, and she’s the one auctioning the forfeited goods from AAA storage in Harlingen, Texas, on Thursday, including a really crummy 1972 Vette and two really outstanding Model T rod projects.

A K-code VIN says the Corvette is a base 200hp car, but I’m just not enough of a Corvette guy to be able to look at a small engine pic like this and call out any differences. I can see high options – AC, power brakes, AM/FM (maybe), tilt wheel. And is that Custom interior trim? Hard to tell. It’s a heap, but at least it’s a Texas heap.

The chunks of Ts have rat rod written all over them. Sure, they could be restored and this being Hemmings I am legally obligated to advise you that restoration is the only legitimate fate for these clunkers, but that’s not going to happen here.

It looks as though the auction is for the entire lot, and also includes assorted tools, antiques and collectibles, a 1995 Suburban and two tow trucks, a 1991 F350 and 1991 Chevy 3500. So there could potentially be a 460 or 454 in there too. I like the idea of Ford power in your Ford hot rod.

Bidding starts at $3,000. Contact Justice at Mary.b.justice@irs.gov.

Actually, M.B. Justice does have her own minor claim to fame – it was her Austin building into which Joe Stack flew his Piper Cherokee last winter. Justice, however, goes on undaunted.