Plenty of automobile books are published every year, but it’s too bad 90 percent of them are nothing more than a rehash of the same old muscle car, Ferrari or Porsche content. There are other automotive subjects to write about, as proven by this worthwhile book about Australian-built Buicks. This book takes an in-depth look at that history, and how Buick became one of the most prestigious production cars sold on the Australian market. Such is this interesting story that it takes 457 pages to tell its tale. Chronologically written, the book is lavishly illustrated, and includes images of early Australian-specific Buick advertising and sales literature. All the different Buick models that were offered Down Under are profiled, so you can see the unique Australian-designed and built Buick body styles, including commercial and professional vehicles that Buick built specifically for the Australian market. Published in association with the Buick Car Club of Australia, this book is not sold in any stores; it is custom published per order. Contact the authors, Eric North and John Gerdtz, at or through The price is $49.95.