Special permission by Fisher Body was granted to Silver Creations, Ltd. to recreate the Royal Coach and thus mark its Golden Anniversary. With master silversmiths hammering out pieces of the Coach from the original plans, the long past age of coach building returns again.

Special permission by Fisher Body was granted to Silver Creations, Ltd. to recreate the Royal Coach and thus mark its Golden Anniversary. With master silversmiths hammering out pieces of the Coach from the original plans, the long past age of coach building returned again.

The total number of Royal Coaches was limited to 1,000 units, and they were offered to General Motors Dealers at $2,000 a unit. Each anniversary Coach was hallmarked and bears the owner’s personal registration number and certificate of design authenticity.


Original plans, authenticated by Fisher Body, were used to capture the most minute details in this handcrafted, commemorative model. Even the stairs fold away and are hidden from view in a special compartment enclosed in the under-carriage.

The doors open and close with precision. The headliner has been skillfully carved and textured. Even the tufted seats have been produced in precious metal. The wheels roll and pivot, with the same precision as the full size Coach and bronze fittings are employed to insure strength to the undercarriage. A touch of the body puts springs in motion.

From every angle the Fisher Body Coach shows elegance. A platinum coating has been carefully sprayed inside and out to protect its lasting beauty. You would think that by magic the Royal Coach has shrunk to miniature size.

To enhance the Golden Anniversary Coach, a suitable display unit is included with a royal velvet pillow.

This 1973 Limited Edition Fisher Body Coach was created of sterling silver, gold and platinum by some of the most crafted master silversmiths of Silver Creations, Ltd.


Napoleon not only left his mark on history, but also on millions of cars built in the United States and Canada during the past half century.
That mark is the “Body by Fisher” Napoleonic Coach emblem, found attached to the door sills of General Motors cars. Napoleon can claim part of the credit for the trademark because it contains a blend of two most famous coaches owned by the French Emperor.

It is believed to have been one of the Fisher Brothers, founders of the automobile body building firm, who first suggested the Coach as the company’s emblem. It was undoubtedly considered a very natural choice, because the Royal Coach had, for centuries been a symbol of the ultimate in hand craftsmanship, and the Fisher Family had been carriage builders for several generations.

The trademark registration became official on July 10, 1923, and a search to find a craftsman who could construct a scale model of the Royal Coach, led to an employee of the Fisher Body plant in Fleetwood, PA. He was Walter Leuschner, once a Major in the Imperial German Army, and perhaps one of the last Royal Coach builders. Major Leuschner was aided in the Fisher Coach building project by Frank Reiss, an industrial artist from Detroit. Reiss drew up the drafting plans for the Coach, using advice from Major Leuschner.

The model was actually a combination of two Coaches, one used at Bonaparte’s coronation, and the other at his marriage to Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria. The two Coaches were considered among the finest ever produced by the old coach-building Guildsmen.

Special permission by Fisher Body was granted to Silver Creations, Ltd. to recreate the Royal Coach and thus mark its Golden Anniversary. With master silversmiths hammering out pieces of the Coach from the original plans, the long past age of coach building returns again.

The total number of Royal Coaches was limited to 1,000 units, and were offered to General Motors Dealers at $2,000 per unit. Each anniversary Coach will be hallmarked and will bear the owner’s personal registration number, and certificate of design authenticity.

Completely hand-assembled in solid sterling silver and accented by touches of 24 karat gold, this magnificent treasure will surely become an heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation with pride.

Far beyond the value of the precious metal it contains and far beyond the artistry of its flawless execution , the Fisher Body Coach will long endure as a tribute to men of yesterday, whose vision and foresight helped make General Motors the world’s leading automotive producer.



  1. I do not have an answer but have the same question …. I’m struggling trying to find out any curent information on these coaches.

    Thank you.

  2. My father had an Olds, Cadillac, GMC dealership and I remember seeing that coach, when I returned from the Navy in the early 1970’s. The dealership closed in the late 1980’s and I have been unable to find the location of the coach. Do you know where I could find out what the serial # was on the coach he purchased to begin my search for it?

  3. My late Father-in-Law was a Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer. His wife recently passed away. She had his Silver Anniversary Napoleonic Coach with 2 horses and one figure, a Queen with staff or scepter. We are looking someone to do some repairs on the coach and the horses. We do have a “Certified appraisal done in 1979, and would consider selling it.

    Please, only serious fellow owners or collectors should reply.

    T. K Sutphin

  4. My dad recieved a letter on May 1, 1974 fom Silver Creations, Ltd. with his Cof A and serial number noted. Silver Creations may be a best first seop.

  5. My grandfather had a Chevy dealership and has one of these coaches as well. In addition, he has a pair of horses pulling the coach, also plated in the gold, silver, and platinum. I have found some information on the coaches for him but have never seen anything about the horses? Anyone know anything? He doesn’t remember how much he paid for the horses either but they seem to be more rare than the coach. No clue what the value of either might be today, but would love to know as well…

  6. My dad had a Chevrolet dealership in the 70’s and 80’s and bought a Fisher coach. My mother still has it and we occassionally look for a value or potential buyer.

    Do you know of any sales and amounts?

  7. I own one of these Fabulous Coaches and I am curious at to what they are currently worth?

  8. We are trying to find out more information about a similar 1973 fisher body coach – Napoleonic Coronation model.

    Thank you!

  9. Thanks, the only info we have on the coach is on the site, including these docs 1, 2 I think. thanks!
    I’ve seen them sell for $2k to $5k, though I’ve seen asking prices as high as $10k or so as I recall. not a big following, and many are missing pieces, accessories

  10. ( my last comment was not correct, please remove it )

    Our set has 2 horses, 2 coachmen, the carriage and Napoleon… The Literature shows 4 horses and a Queen. My mother states that they bought every piece offered to them. She believes the Queen was never offered for sale and also thinks that our set is as complete as it could be. Serious offers will be considered. Feel free to e mail. mikesgun@grm.net All original lieterature is available along with original shipping box.

  11. Hello everyone!

    I see many people are interested in knowing the value of the coaches they own and I would like to try and help you with that. In the past year I have had the privilege of working with two of these coaches in our auctions. One came from a local dealer (Chicago) selling his Chevrolet promo car collection and the one I currently have going up for auction now came from a dealership out of Pittsburgh. From all the research I have done, none had ever been sold on the open market until the one crossed the block at our sale. Many had been offered over the internet and different types of ads, but none had ever publicly sold and that is why it is hard to find a value. That is actually the reason I got the call from Pittsburgh to sell the one we have now, is because they found me from my past sale and wanted to see if I could sell another.

    The local one I sold last year was in mint condition and was a carriage only and it sold for $7500. The one in my January 8, 2011 auction has the coach and horses. The coach is in good condition and the horse do need some repair. Even though I do not see value being close to the one I sold previously due to the difference in condition. The other main factor effecting their value is the current price of silver. With silver around $27 an ounce, these pieces of history and art are getting close to being melted for the metal value. So in my opinion today for a common coach in non-perfect condition would be worth $3000-$4000 because of the scrap value, and truly that price would be close to it’s scrap value. Additional figures will add value including the horses ($1000-$1500 a pair) and Napoleonic figures are around $700-$1000 a figure based on scrap and desirability.

    If anyone would like to talk to me about there coach, figures, or even another precious metal car (GM produced a 1913 Chevrolet silver car with diamond accents), please feel free to email me at KraftAuctionInfo@aol.com or call me personally at 219-973-9240. I would be more then happy to work with anyone looking to sell or just wanting a little more information!

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Kraft



  14. Would anyone know the value or have interest in a 1930’s Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild winner? I have a consignor looking to sell one of the ones his father built and won with. This model paid his way through college. The seller is older and none of his middle aged children have any interest in it. I saw one recently on eBay not sell for $1000 with a higher reserve and Buy It Now of 25k. My guess, is that if the one my consignor has is an award winner it could go for more than 1k. He hasnt set an asking price yet. Just asked me if I was interested in selling it for him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  15. My name is Jose Brito I live in Lisbon, Portugal, I am a lover of the Napoleonic state Coah’m currently building a scale 1 / 10 John Thompson plans to U. S. A. COCHE THIS HAS A GREAT HISTORY. liked to send me pictures of the interior because I have no pictures to see how it is lined on the inside, I am very grateful if someone could do me this favor. this is my address (@ gmail.com brito.joscardoso

  16. My parents bought a coach 4 horses and the figurines. It was stolen 12/14/11 in kingman az serial no. 0265 1000 dollar reward no questions call 928 279 4629

  17. My family members were GM dealers and on december 14th had this beautiful carriage stolen. The number was 265 and it was taken from their home in Arizona . if anyone comes across it please let me know.

  18. My father was a Chevrolet dealer from the 50’s – 80’s and he bought 8 of these coaches. They are all still in the family except for one that my mother sold at an antique/fine arts show in the 90’s. Each of them has the horses and Napoleon (and Josephine? can’t remember.) They’re all in their original boxes except for on on display in my father’s dining room.

  19. I have an early metal coach from before 1960. My father was purchasing agent for superior coach for 50 years. As a child I remember he brought me the fisher body coach light that I used in my bedroom growing up….I don’t know the exact age of the light but I graduated in 1961 and I had it most all my childhood.
    Does anyone know anything about it or the value. I still use it with a different plug since the old one rotted.
    Any info would be welcome…thank you, elaine

  20. My late husband created this commemorative for the Fisher Body Division of General Motors. He did this commemorative under the name of Silver Creations, Ltd, New Jersey.

  21. I have the coach made in 1932 and judged by the general motors craftsman guild at the royal York hotel in Ontario. it is encased in glass with a yellow ribbon 1932 stating fisher body craftsman guild. passed down from my grand father. I want to find out the value…

  22. If any one above has any item still available for sale I am interested in purchasing them. call me 718 259-3616

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  24. hello, i recently acquired the antique napoleonic model from 1932. it is enclosed in a glass case. i have all of the original paperwork with it including “the plans and construction’ manual for the 1936 competition. it is actually one that won the state championship in the 1936 competition. one of the letters dated september 15th, 1935 stating that it had been shipped to chicago for the fisher body craftsmans guild national competition and was put in the exhibition and display in the general motors building at the chicago century of progress. also states that it occupies a very prominent position in the south section of the main floor. along with all of the other winning models from all other states. each day thousands of visitors came and marveled at the beauty and craftsmanship of these coaches. the letter goes on to ask permission to keep it on display until the end of the fair. also, that they are guarded day and night and no one can touch or handle the coaches at all. the letters go on and on with praise. there is also a paperback called ” the book of the fisher body craftsman’s guild. it also had some sort of a wand or septer with it. it needs a professional cleaning, however it is in spectacular condition. i want to sell it. but i cant find out anything about it’s value. this craftsman won a four year college scholarship and was named a “master craftman” can anyone help me or does anyone wish to offer me a fair price for it. thx in advance for any information anyone may have.

  25. Our coach was stolen Dec 2011 ,we would be interested in purchasing another one
    928 279 4629 is my cell.
    Scott Dunton

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  27. I worked for Silver Creations in the 70s. These came unassembled with the wheels and body seperate. I put them back together. Interesting work even had ship’s that I had to redo the rigging

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