The grandeur of this illustrious item is apparent to even the most casual observer. Presented is a remarkably well-preserved model of a French “Landau.” A step up from your man-on-the-street buggy, landaus were fashionable carriages used by more well-to-do riders. This clean, mid-19th century example has a golden crest (believed to be that of a count) affixed to both left and right side doors. The crests look marvelous against the ebony finish. In fact, everything About this piece invokes a sense of awe. The amazing “bounce” of the chassis makes us wonder if some sorcerer didn’t miniaturize the real deal! The painted wheels show just the right amount of natural wear, and the cab’s interior and driver’s seat and floorboards are covered with original material. In fact, every piece of this stunning object is original. The material covering the driver’s area exhibits some light wear. Both carriage lanterns are intact (with their candles), and though not as supple as back in 1840, the two halves of the rooftop easily rise and are designed to clasp in the center to offer imaginary passengers shelter from the elements. Measuring 21-7/8″ x 8-9/16″ x 11-1/4″, this superb example has a multitude of uses, first among them being an object of desire!


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