Make a donation to preserve our antique toys

At DFW Elite Toy Museum we are proud to invite you to join us in preserving our memorial collection of antique toys and toy cars. The collection is extensive, which is why we need your help to keep it clean and fully refurbished so visitors may continue to enjoy it in the future. Many of our toys need constant care and attention and we need help and support from the community to keep the exhibits up and to hopefully bring more toys in so that more people can enjoy them.

Give the gift of giving and become one of our sponsors. Donate to our toy museum to help continue sharing our collection with everyone. We hope you enjoy our toy museum just as much as we do, and we take every donation with great thanks. We will continue to educate and entertain everyone who visits.

If you would like to make a donation or have questions, feel free to Contact us.

The support you give us helps us preserve our historical antique toy collection for all to enjoy.