DFW Elite Toy Museum’s newly furnished display room features some truly rare and expensive antique toys.

Whether you’re a car fan, toy collector, or just enjoy seeing rare antiques, you’ll take great pleasure in seeing what we have on display at DFW Elite Toy Museum. The owner and collector, Ron Sturgeon, has always been fascinated with toy cars as well as cars and started collecting toys back in the 1980s. Ron has always had a sweet spot for Mercedes and, at one point, he strived to own every Mercedes toy car ever made. He quickly realized that this was a farfetched idea and focused on collecting antique toy cars. Eventually, he narrowed his scope down to specific manufacturers such as Tippco and models he thought were interesting.
Today, Ron’s collection is nearing the 3,000 mark. He is known for his Driving School Model collection. A lot of automotive enthusiasts and gearheads love this collection because of the technical detail and intricacy that goes into each piece.
Ron also has other rare toys, such as his massive ships and boats. These boats are heavily detailed and represent a lot of time that went into every single aspect of these toys’manufacture. Many of them are rare and very valuable, which is why the majority are kept in secure glass display cases.


Come and see one of the largest toy collections in Texas at our Toy Museum

One of the largest toy collections around is located right in the heart of the Metroplex. Our toy museum is conveniently located just five minutes outside of downtown Fort Worth in Haltom City. Just exit Carson and head south off Highway 121. We understand you might be a little confised at the appearance of the DFW Elite Toy Museum. You will see a blue Bridgeman’s Ice Cream sign and then you will know you’ve arrived. We kept the sign up to distinguish ourselves from other similar buildings nearby.
If you have any questions About our museum or its toys, just contact our Curator. If you happen to have a rare toy you want to sell and need someone to take a look at it, we would be more than happy to take a look to see if it fits our collection. Feel like a kid again when you visit our antique toys at DFW Elite Toy Museum.