Operay Surgical Lamp


1930’s-1940’s Operay Multibeam Surgical

Lamp. Manufactured by Operay Laboratories

in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the most

extraordinary surgical lamps ever made.  The

bulb is in the center dome and reflects out to

mirrors and then down to the operating area to prevent shadows.  This model was actually used

by Dr. O.W. Gibbons in the operating room at

St. Paul Hospital.


  1. I also own a Operay light. Mine is some what different. The sphere where light comes out on mine is black with fins. They are so…………………………….cool! I might sell mine if you run across some one interested. Thanks for your time. James

  2. I have one if someone is interested in buying it. It is the Operay Multibeam without a stand or ceiling mount. It is olive drab with a black orb, most likely used by U.S. military. Contact me if interested at Theresa@bridgemail.com Thanks

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